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Energy Conservation Program

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National Energy Savvy

School competition


  1. To impart education through hands-on, real-world learning about energy and energy efficiency
  2. Help schools in saving money on energy costs


The Idea:

The ideas here is to motivate the schools to implement the energy saving tips shared via the TPCE’s Energy Champions & school authorities and also to find innovative means to conserve energy consumption or increase energy efficiency in schools.


The Process:

All the 400 schools (to be contacted this year) will be motivated to participate in this program. Apart from this a PR campaign & on-line campaign would be initiated nationally inviting schools to be a part of the energy conservation movement – Jiyo Power Se – National Energy Savvy School.

All the interested schools will need to enroll themselves into the program via the TPCE website.

The enrolled schools will be mailed a detailed brief about the initiative & benefits of energy efficiency & conservation to school and community at large. And also would be given the following guidelines to follow

  1. The program would need to be run / conducted for 6 months to qualify
  2. The total energy consumption of last year would act as a benchmark for the enrolled schools.
  3. The school would require to set-up “Energy Council”, which would include teachers (Mentor) & students along with administrative staff.
  4. Sensitize all entire school about the need & benefits of Energy Conservation and tips to saving energy and increasing energy efficiency
  5. The Energy Council would need to monitor the school bill & conduct Energy Audits for the schools every month.
  6. Conduct every month awareness sessions to reinforce & inculcate the habit of energy saving. The School needs to record these sessions via photographs / videos and notes of the initiatives / measures taken for reducing energy waste & conservation
  7. Conduct “Batti Bandh” Days / hours in schools (monthly / fortnightly / weekly)
  8. Can create its own special initiatives / techniques to curb energy wastage in an around the school
  9. Conduct special sensitization camps in & around the school vicinity during festivals (Ganapati, Navratri, Diwali, etc) to curb unnecessary energy wastages.
  10. The school to provide notice board area, which would be called TPEC - Jiyo Power Se! Zone. The space would be used to highlight the initiatives taken by the school’s Energy Council and also for updates on the program & tips.
  11. Each School would need to submit a model project on Energy Conservation, which would be showcased thru a special Energy Conservation fair for schools in the city. And the best model projects would be awarded.

The school Energy Council can create any number of initiatives to reduce consumption or increase energy efficiency OR create innovations for the same.

The final evaluation / selection of the TPCE Jiyo Power Se! National Energy Savvy Schools would be done on the following points:

  1. Total Energy saved compared to last year in units & percentage
  2. Innovative means used to reduce consumption or increase energy efficiency in schools via process, etc.
The top 10 most energy efficient schools will be awarded a trophy & certificate. And the schools would be branded as Tata Power Club Enerji National Energy Savvy School.