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What You Can Do

Get your neighbourhood sensitized

‘Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club)’, is an Energy Conservation Club that focuses on bringing about a first-hand realisation of the energy crisis in the nation and providing the ways and means for sustainable resource use, energy conservation and efficiency and renewable energy applications.

Tata Power recognizes the immense value of the contribution that committed citizens can make to help curb the wasteful usage of power. As the demand for power in the nation is steadily increasing and energy resources are being rapidly depleted, it is vital to involve every member of our society, as decision-makers of tomorrow, in an initiative to avert a crippling power crisis.

This informal Energy Conservation Club has been formed to spark off a community initiative for curbing energy-wastage through active measures, and also popularizing the importance of this mission among the society at large. Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) provides the ground for people to share and expand their understanding, and bring about a chain-reaction that can significantly reduce wastage of energy in the city. With adequate publicity, the Club will sensitize the public at large, and the spark can turn into a spreading flame of enthusiasm to protect our resources and environment.

Housing societies practicing energy conservation measures –

1.  Door to door Campaign, Ahmedabad. (For More)

2.  Alica Nagar Coop Hsg. Soc., Kandivli (East), Mumbai. (For More)

3. Valley of Flowers Coop. Hsg Soc, Kandivli (East), Mumbai. (For More)