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TPCE believes in involving the youth, the decision makers of tomorrow, who will play a vital role in not only propagating efficient usage of energy but also furthering the larger cause of educating the society on climate change issues, disaster management and helping build a greener and safer tomorrow. The Primary Sensitization session which is conducted in schools and colleges across the country is to build concerned and sensitive communities who will in turn impact others.

Join in this nationwide movement of Jiyo Power Se with millions of youth pledging to save energy for a better future. You can be the change to save the country from an energy crisis.

  • Join the Energy Squad

    You can be an energy saver yourself! Check out the energy busters to practice energy conservation. Get your electricity bill to slow down by following a few simple steps.

  • Download energy busters

    Download energy busters and tag it to your To-do List now!

  • Get your school or college sensitized

    Slap it on! Download our energy buster and slap it on your notice boards. We too can help you to spread awareness in your institute and get your friends saving energy.

  • Make your own Energy Club

    Get your buddies into action this time! Make your own gang of friends in college or office and call it the Energy Club. Together the energy savers can come up with innovative ideas to spread the message. Do something to turn those eyeballs and this time for a cause. Do tell us what you did in your club and we could share it with others like you!

  • Power Acts

    In your club you can arrange for:
    Street Plays
    Music Band
    Graffiti Art
    and more!

  • Share with us!

    Share those innovative ideas about what you could do or may have done already! Be different and share it with us. You never know when your power- packed ideas get clicked with us and you are the next energy starrer. Call us or write to us to show others!