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Our Inspiration

Tata Power has recognized a need to inculcate good and positive values in school students in today's age of consumerism and socio-economic disparity. To take a proactive stand on the same we are launching a Civic and Moral Values Programme to inculcate discipline in our future generation to educate all to be responsible citizens of the society. We hope to begin a movement that will arrest and reverse the deterioration of moral values in society!

What are Civic & Moral Values?

Sometimes, we all do things that we feel like hiding. There might be a chocolate in the fridge that we have been told not to eat. But we do not listen to our mother and eat it anyway, now we have to hide the wrapper. We see a board that asks us not to litter, but we still throw a piece of scrap while no one is looking. There is a red signal, but in our hurry we try to escape when the policeman is not looking. These are small examples where we do not follow rules and try to hide our mistakes.

The ideals and values that teach us to do everything in such a manner that there is no reason to hide our actions are called Civic & Moral Values.

While we can follow each of the teachings, not everyone around us follows this good advice given by our elders. When we understand the importance of the values, we will be able to differentiate the good people who do everything in the right manner like not hurting anyone or anything around them, from those who do not care about the people and surroundings. It is up to us to follow the right path and spread the message of these teachings.

Why is it important to have strong Civic & Moral Values?

When you step out of the house what do you see?

  • Traffic

  • Litter

  • Poverty

  • Children being
    hurt or forced to work

  • Vehicles letting out
    smoke that pollutes the environment

  • Little children
    begging or stealing

  • No greenery, but
    a forest of concrete

  • Motorists
    bribing policemen

  • Agents exhorting money
    from hawkers

  • Wasted resources like water and
    food thrown carelessly

If we want to stop any or all of the above the understanding of our moral and civic responsibilities is of utmost importance. Taking simple steps at your end will make a huge impact to change the conditions. That is why it is important to know your Civic and Moral values and duties.