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As the young minds spread the message of energy and resource conservation, the parent community is all set to support and join them. Parents at TPCE have pledged to save energy and natural resources together at their homes and workplace to make a difference. They are motivated to first follow the energy busters themselves and then sensitise their neighbouring communities.

  • What you can do

    Like your kid, you too can be an energy saver! Learn what you can do to save and act as a sensible citizen of the country. Join us in this nationwide movement to conserve energy and avert an energy crisis.

  • Download some energy busters

    Download some energy busters and put it up for your family to get in action. It's time we save energy together to live in power tomorrow.

  • Get your neighbourhood sensitized

    Some housing societies practicing energy conservation measures -
    Door to door Campaign, Ahmedabad.
    Read more Alica Nagar Coop Hsg. Soc., Kandivli (East), Mumbai. Read more Valley of Flowers Coop. Hsg Soc, Kandivli (East), Mumbai. Read more