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Tips for Saving Fuel

Club Enerji brings you some quick tips to save fuel. Follow them and make a difference to your life and
the environment.


    Use a lid on vessels when cooking and boiling foods or better yet, use a pressure cooker. This will reduce the amount of cooking time required and thus save cooking fuel.


    Encourage whoever runs your kitchen to keep ingredients washed, chopped and ready before they switch on the gas to start cooking. Also encourage your family to eat as soon as food is served in order to reduce the need for reheating.


    If you can't use your school bus or public transport to get to school or tuitions, try and get together with friends who live close by and car pool instead. This will not only reduce fuel consumption, but will also reduce traffic load on your city's roads. Also encourage your family and friends to carpool when they travel to work or school.


    Using public transport like buses and trains reduces your individual fuel consumption. Using taxis and auto rickshaws is also better than using a private vehicle as they run on CNG, which is less polluting.


    Switching off a vehicle's engine at signals can be achieved by using your vehicle's air-conditioner only when absolutely needed. Fuel is also conserved if you don't change gears too often and if you drive at speeds between 50 to 70 kms per hour. Make sure to follow these tips yourself and encourage others to follow in your footsteps.


    If you need to travel short distances (for example, to the local store, market or a friend's house), avoid using a fuel-consuming vehicle and choose to walk or cycle instead. Not only is this good for the environment, but it will also keep you fit and healthy!