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Tata Power Club Enerji (TPCE) is a resource Conservation Club that focuses on bringing about a first-hand realisation
of the energy crisis and scarcity of natural resources in the country.

resource conservation program

With the increasing demand for energy, effective management and conservation of the same has become the need of the hour. Recognizing the immense value that schools and school children can bring to the initiative and taking due consideration of this urgent need, Tata Power started "Tata Power Club Enerji", to propagate efficient usage of energy and to educate the society on climate change issues in 2007. Simple energy saving and resource conserving tips have been repeatedly advocated, making a considerable difference in protecting the planet and avoiding a state of being power less and fuel scarce.

The energy conservation programme widened its scope, with an aim to contribute towards Nation Building by creating responsible citizens who not only conserve energy & natural resources but also imbibe and promote civic & moral values. This programme expanded further by encouraging children to be sensitive to their surroundings through the active citizenship module.

The initiative has grown with the support of students, principals, teachers, parents and partners spread across the country - and this has helped us reach out to more than 1000 schools nationwide spread across 72 districts, sensitize over 23.8 million citizens and save more than 29.8 million units of energy.

This year, Club Enerji would like to focus on "water conservation". Water is essential for all life on earth. Without water, life cannot be sustained. Water is also consumed by industries and commercial establishments and is also linked to healthy functioning of the economy. Climate change and global warming are causing alarming issues all over the world in the form of drought, dried up rivers and lakes etc. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that water is not only available to future generations but also use it judiciously.

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In 2018-19, Club Enerji has cumulatively sensitised over 4.5 million people across six cities- Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Pune & Bangalore and saved around 4.8 MUs of electricity.

Our presence across India

Since 2007, Club Enerji has presence in more than 1000 schools nationwide spread across 72 districts, has sensitized more than 23.8 million citizens, saved more than 29.8 million units, have a total of 3,47,986 Energy Champions and 3,86,633 Energy Ambassadors.


Completes 10 years covering more than 1000 schools. Sensitised more than 19 million citizens and saved more than 25 million units, have a total of 2, 55,783 Energy Champions and 2,98,468 Energy Ambassadors.

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Tata Power won the bronze award in the category of Multimedia CD-Rom Based Presentation for the immensely successful 'Club Enerji Disaster Management module' at ABCI awards in Mumbai in 2017.

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Accomplished 10 Years of Motivating Responsible Citizens

4E Approach

The Club believes in guiding the members through the four stages of sensitisation - Educate, Enhance, Engage, and Empower, and developing a self-sustained community that will take the cause forward.

  • Educate
  • Engage
  • Enhance
  • Empower

The programme concentrates on awareness generation by educating children on the importance of energy & resource conservation and moral & civic values. The primary sensitisation includes three visits made to the same set of children to reinforce the message of energy & resource conservation. These interactive sessions through flash modules, presentation and competitions are undertaken to reinforce the content and assess the integration of thoughts into action. School children are trained to understand the moral & civic values, interpretation of electricity bills, basic steps that will help curb wastage of power with the help of Energy Audits and Energy Calculators, how to reduce the use of fuel, water, manage waste & plant trees, optimum use of electrical gadgets/ devices at home and sharing the effective practices adopted & results within their immediate circle. As part of our initiative, to monitor the impact of the programme, TPCE confers titles like Energy Champions on young students, who actively practice and propagate energy saving & resource conservation while practising moral & civic values. Active outreach members who help spread the energy conservation message are crowned as Energy Ambassadors. These young Energy Champions move ahead in spreading the cause by further sensitizing their friends, families and neighbourhood, together leading this movement of Conservation of Energy and Moral & Civic Values, across the nation.

Club Enerji members are imparted with skills to propagate the message of energy & resource conservation, and becoming responsible citizens, to their immediate sphere of influence. The select group of students who spearhead energy conservation activities in school and societies form Mini Club Enerji. These mini Clubs are independent entities which perform various activities such as street plays, conduct rallies, celebrate Energy Conservation Day, World Environment Day, Earth Hour and other global events, conduct sensitization sessions in school & societies, to propagate the message of energy & resource conservation, thus contributing to nation building. The efforts of the mini TPCEs are featured on the Club Enerji website.

The focus is on advanced training sessions for the students and mentors. The children are enrolled into the Power Kids League which comprises of a series of workshops. These workshops are designed in a manner where the students get to interact and learn from professionals, participate in various activities, presentations and learn about the technical aspects related to the world of energy & resources. During these workshops, members take up projects such as conducting energy audits at home, and work on them throughout the year under the guidance of the Club. This stage plays an integral part in enhancing the awareness and knowledge of the members about energy & resource conservation and becoming good civic citizens.

Schools are encouraged through participation in the National Energy Savvy School (NESS) competition. Under NESS, Principals, students and faculty members are empowered to initiate and execute energy saving activities that would make their school an Energy Savvy School. The Best Mini Club Enerji of the Year is felicitated and rewarded at the end of the year.