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Yash Ajay Gupta, President of Earth Savers Club, St Xavier High School Borivali

"I and my fellow members feel proud to get an opportunity to contribute for spreading awareness among people. I Can, I Will and I Must contribute for my Country."

Kushal Haldar, Energy Champion, St James, Kolkata

"Tata Power Enerji Q, a national level quiz competition and one of Tata Power's most prominent activities, was held on 15th and 16th January this year. As the winner of city level quiz our team from St James' School, Kolkata, participated in the national level which was held in Mumbai. In a closely contested final our school came second. There were schools from all over India along with the schools from Mumbai. Travel by air was arranged for all outstation participants. Nice accommodation was provided in Mumbai. At the end of the quiz all participants were taken to a sightseeing tour which was a lot of fun. It was a really enriching experience for me as well as all other participants. I am thankful to Club Enerji for the opportunity provided to us."

Hitansh Chandra, Energy Champ, Christ Church School, Mumbai

"My experience with Club Enerji is somewhat different from other students. I got to know about all the different activities and started organising them and took part in all of them. Our school is one of the best schools in Mumbai. We were ranked first in the Pet bottle drive collection from over 200 schools of Mumbai. I am proud to be a member of Club Enerji and it is a great pleasure to be CHAMP."

Vacchani, Mentor, Guru Nanak School, Sion

"Our school has been participating in Tata Power Club Enerji Programme since last many years. It has made us more aware & cautious about saving Natural Resources. Indeed it has lighted up our lives!"

Patricia Andrews, Mentor, Christ Church School

"It's a privilege to be a mentor of the mini Club in Christ Church School. This year has really been a year of activities with hard work and dedication. We conducted several activities throughout the year such as Poster & Slogan making on Earth Day, Quiz on Energy Resources, street play, P.E.T Bottle Drive, and Cycle Rally. We were awarded as the best mini club of the year, highest P.E.T bottles collected from Bisleri. I am proud to be the mentor of this club and hope to see more in the coming year."

Uday Mhapsekar (Student), Gundecha Education Academy, Mumbai

"Tata Power Club Enerji has motivated us to save energy in many ways. I and my fellow classmates have formed groups to ensure energy in our school is being utilized properly. After school, we students go and check each and every classroom to see if lights and fans are on or off. I would like to see my school becoming more energy efficient."

Bitan (Student), Lilavati Podar Senior Secondary School, Mumbai

"I really like the Club Enerji website. It is very informative and encourages joint effort in saving energy."

Ms. Grace Mathias (Principal), Queen Mary School, Mumbai

"Through their initiative, Tata Power has assisted in planting empowered, dynamic and responsible men and women of the future - A future where the light of knowledge, the light of hope and the light of the spirit prevails. Jiyo Power Se!"

Divyanshi (Student), Hiranandani Foundation School

"Good thing that somebody thinks about the future!"

Principal, Symbiosis Convent High School, Thane

"The programme conducted by Club Enerji is really very motivating. The tips shared by them were excellent. Students have taken the oath that from today on they will spread the message of energy conservation. Overall, it was a nice and extremely effective attempt."

Ms. Alka Singh and Ms. Sarah Daniel (Mentors), Bombay Scottish School, Powai

"The campaign started by Tata Power for dealing with the energy crisis by conserving energy is commendable. The best part is that they have involved children for the good cause. The initial sensitisation, signature campaign and bringing down consumption of electricity; each and every bit of the campaign is a small step taken, to make a big difference."

More Feedback from Students

Feedback from Students

Meghana Bharadwaj, Mahila Seva Samaja School,Bas avana Gudi, Bangalore

"I am conserving electricity with the help of my sisters and parents by using CFL bulbs... and... by turning off the fans, lights and any other gadgets consuming electricity when not in use...
I am really thankful for coming to my school and spreading awareness on how important it is to save electricity..."

Muskan Bakhshi, Std. VI, Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana

"I love going out to play every day. But now a days going out to play is becoming such an ordeal. The earth seems to be emanating heat from every pore. Everything seems to be on fire. The trees with tops burnt by harsh rays of the sun seem as if some vandal has been setting things on fire. And as the heat saps energy out of my very being I feel so scared at times. At school, on television, in magazines and newspapers I read so often about global warming and I feel if it is so hot now how will times be when we grow up. Is our earth going to be like the burning hell that we read about in fairy tales? But then when I attended the Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) workshop that my grandmother organized for me and my friends at Ludhiana, I felt relieved that thank God there is someone out there who is as worried about the future of the earth as I am. After all, saving power and responsibly consuming power is an important aspect of controlling this mess that we are getting our planet into. I took the Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) message to the school and shared it with my school teachers and my class mates. I don't know how seriously they take this message but I feel confident that if Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) manages to convince even a handful of us from this newest generation, the planet might be a bit better place to live in."

Mehak Bakhshi, Std. III, Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana

"I thought my mom just made too much fuss over small issues as she kept scolded me every time I left the AC on or left the light on when sunlight coming from the windows would be enough. Every time she scolded me I felt so irritated and promised myself that I will never become such a fuss pot when I grow up. After all, how much harm can an extra light or fan do? But to my surprise when my grandmother held a Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) workshop for me and my friends I realized that my mom was indeed right and that extra lights and fans can actually harm not just my mother's pocket but the planet on the whole. Now I try never to leave a light or fan on when I don't need it. I also love to wear the Energy Champion badge that my grand mom gave to me and when some friends and some adults ask me about the badge I try to explain to them the Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) message. Though I feel that I am small right now and am not able to properly explain to them all that is there in my mind but may be when I am bigger I will be able to spread the message of saving power very well."

Miss Ritika Anoop Lalwani, Queen Mary School

"The initiative taken by 'TATA POWER" to conserve energy/electricity - is a great timely, initiative. I love "Tata Power Energy Club power kid's league". I am proud to be an energy champion. I have become more energy conscious - at home as well as in our society/ school. I promise to put in my best efforts to create maximum awareness among the various people with whom I interact. The talk given by the "TATA POWER" representatives who came to our school- was informative and inspiring. I would like to thank "TATA POWER" for selecting me as an "ENERGY CHAMPION"- and would expect more visits/information to be shared with others regarding the importance of saving energy, so that the world would be a better place to live!!!!."

Rashi Gupta Ryan International, Noida

"I conserve electricity by changing bulbs to CFL's, by keeping the AC's temperature on 24oC and by not switching on fans and tube lights unnecessarily. I also used to switch off appliances from their main point."

Aditi Raisurana, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune

"The Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) session organized at SIMC was highly informative. It is indeed very heartening to know that a power generation company is willing to encourage people to save energy for the sake of the planet. I too will try to do my bit to conserve this resource in the hopes of a better tomorrow."

Mrs. Rekha Anand, Mentor, Children's Academy Asha Nagar

"Teachers play a very vital role in the development of students. When I was chosen for this energy conservation programme, I was delighted. We know that children are the best agents to bring change and in this case we need to equip them with information and knowledge on energy conservation. I feel that along with the students I too am growing, learning on things and understanding it better. Under this programme the students were encouraged to do a complete analysis of their electricity bills and keep a check on the consumption of the same. They were asked to monitor whether in school or at home, they have to be alert like the energy guards, who wouldn't allow any individual to waste energy, nor would they themselves do it.

The whole journey of the energy conservation programme was an exhilarating experience. I earnestly appeal to all those concerned to utilize energy efficiently and make energy conservation and its efficient use a way of life."

Mrs. Nafisa Bhinderwala, Headmistress - Children's Academy, Asha Nagar

"It is indeed commendable that Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) has come out with such a noble task of encouraging young minds to save energy. I thank you for arranging Talk Shows through your resource person Mrs. Veena Bakshi. It was very motivating and beneficial to our students. You have made a great job of keeping the workshop interactive and interesting. The impact of the workshops conducted has been fantastic as it has helped the participants to renew their enthusiasm for their work.

I am sure that we will benefit from this programme for years to come. Thanks once again and looking forward to have the good work carried ahead."

Headmistress - Vidya Mandir, Dahisar East

"We appreciate the efforts taken by Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) to explain the importance of energy conservation to students of all age groups (Std. III to X) in a simple, lucid and interesting manner. The programme of this magnitude will definitely bring positive results in the long run. "

Headmistress - St. John's Universal School

"We must congratulate you on the excellent content of your presentation. We appreciate the fact that you were easily able to establish a comfortable level of communication and hold the attention of the students which further led to a healthy interaction. This kind of presentation is informative and creates awareness among students to conserve energy. We wish you all the success in your endeavour."

Mrs. Ermelinda D'smello, Principal - Sir Jacob Sassoon High School

"We wish to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to the Tata Power Company Limited for making our school a part of the Club Enerji (previously known as Tata Power Energy Club) programme. It was a very educative experience which made the students sensitised to the problems of energy use and the need to conserve power. Thank you Tata Power."

Reshmi Mukherjee (Principal) Pramila Memorial Institute

"Your energy conservation programme was a great success. It has enlightened our students and we are highly obliged for your endeavour."

Asha Narayanan Principal, St. Mary's ICSE School

"We approached Tata Power to help us with an energy sensitization programme in our school. The Energy Club (The Tata Power Energy Conservation Programme), a Tata Power initiative responded with a one-day workshop in our school. The resource person enlightened the students of all classes age-wise and batch on tips on energy conservation, lights, appliances, water, garbage etc. The students were told about the need for saving energy, valuable tips on the methods of saving energy, and they were also shown a documentary on the relevant topics. They have also been assigned the task of putting into practice the energy saving tips at home and compare with the before and after electricity and water bills. A very good starting."

Juhi Bakhshi, Technocare Nursery

"This is in reference to the 'Power Conservation Awareness programme conducted by Mrs. Veena Bakhshi at Ludhiana during the month of October. We at this end really appreciated the programme's agenda and its commitment to the very pertinent cause of environment preservation through resource and power conservation. The talk given in this regards to the children of Defence Colony, Ludhiana proved quite fruitful and some of them took the programme to their schools spreading the message amongst their school mates thus ensuring that the message spreads around and results in a greener tomorrow.

We appreciate the programme and wish you all the succession your future endeavours in this direction."

Mrs. Meenaambika Menon, Cambridge School (Noida)

"Our association with the Tata Power Energy Conservation Programme began on 27th July, 2009 with a workshop. It was on how electrical energy is produced, used or misused and can be conserved. It was supported by some material like sensitization forms, audit forms, posters etc. As a part of the programme, students actively collected information on the consumption of electrical energy in their homes. At present we have 18 Energy Monitors from classes VI, VII & VIII who are monitoring the correct use of electrical energy and helping the electricity bill of the school to be under check. Overall the programme was very effective. We are thankful to Tata Power representatives for providing us with all the motivation and support. Such programme's help our students to take charge of issues which will affect the world adversely. We are looking forward to more such programmes."

Mr Anoop Lalwani, M.E-Computer- Father of (Student) Miss Ritika Anoop Lalwani, Queen Mary School

"This initiative taken by "TATA POWER" to save electricity is a timely step in the direction of saving our planet EARTH from the ill effects of increasing carbon levels in our air- as we are using excessive fossil fuels for transportation and electrification. By effectively utilizing the limited Electric Energy, "TATA POWER" intends to give a better and cleaner future to the young citizens of India. I, MR ANOOP LALWANI- am myself a CONSULTANT for Regenerative products like SOLAR PANELS, SOLAR LIGHTS, CAPS, TORCHES etc. as well as offer guidance in SOLAR/ WIND ENERGY BASED SOLUTIONS- since the last 5/6 years."

Suman Chawla Mahajan, Educator, Delhi

"Tata Power Club Enerji is an excellent inspiration. It is a National level initiative to educate citizens and school students about Energy and Resource Conservation. This year, we undertook an enthusiastic and entertaining initiative leading towards SWACHH BHARAT"

Jaya Khare, Educator, Mumbai

"Tata Power Club Enerji gives me an opportunity to interact with the future generation of this planet and I feel really proud while we work towards saving the planet together. Jiyo Power Se!"